Real Your Registered Voter Targets

PSN provides not only the best voter engagement resources but also the most experienced strategic advice for how to coordinate your entire voter outreach. 

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How do voters fell about your Initiative?

Polling is one of the most widely used and dependable tools for learning about voter attitudes. We've been conducting this kind of research since our company's beginning and our experience in this arena speaks for itself. Our staff is fully trained on how to maintain a neutral attitude while interviewing, and because we understand the fast-paced environment in which our clients work, we can provide a very quick turnaround on top-lines and data. Your PMS advisor can assist you with a strategic plan for getting your message out to the voters. We can combine several of our services, such as Patch calls, to interact with your audience in the way that has the most positive and efficient impact for your campaign.

Advocacy and Volunteer Canvassing

Your PSN advisor and our in-house GMRS team can utilize our own registered voter database or dial from your targeted list or even generate a random sample to contact constituents for the purpose of conducting a patch, or a live transfer telephone call to a targeted elected officials or bureaucrat. These individuals are recruited to endorse or oppose specific issues and to motivate or try to persuade the elected official to change vote the way our clients support.  This is very powerful solution for winning for local ballot initiatives.

Web Surveys

Your PSN/GMRS team of professionals is adept at building, fielding, and processing online surveys using our own custom designed survey engine. We have built the ability to use all the tools and features that you would want on a C.A.T.I. study; rotate series of questions, rotate response lists, skip questions, split sample, quota control, include or exclude responses based on a previous question, et cetera. Additionally, we can display the multitude of audio and visual content that the internet allows, including the ability to display images, play audio files, play video files, do a presentation, have a respondent download documents or programs, or do just about anything you have ever seen or can dream of. We can also use our online survey system in conjunction with our C.A.T.I. system, allowing you to combine the data from those two audiences for even more in-depth analysis.

Text to Web

Far more beneficial and useful then simple texting is our ability to conduct s text to web (T2W) surveys. Texting links provides more avenues for busy folks to take our surveys. Adding texting for your surveys can improve response rate, provide a more accurate representation of the population, and reduce the length of time it takes to complete studies. We also offer text introductions. A text introduction is where we introduce ourselves to the respondent giving them comfort and trust before we call them to complete the survey. This will improve cellular response rates and provide better respondent satisfaction. Our texting services are compliant to the TCPA human peer-to-peer interaction to send every text eliminating all the compliance risks associated with the latest texting regulations designed to eliminate spam.

Planning, Collaboration and Strategy

Make All the Difference

Our clients always find it amazing what our many decades of experience means for their campaigns.  We provide the very best voter engagement experiences because our team has been doing so for so long.  When you meet our agents and remotely monitor them as they speak with your voters, you will be able to take personal pride in having made the right decision for your campaign.

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