For Paid Clients Only

Important:  Please read all these details about PSN Voter Contact Services

The way to win any election is to with as many voters as possible with as many voters as possible.  PSN does this multiple ways and the form below will tell your project consultant everything we need to know.


  • We provide both Ringless Audio Messaging and SMS with hyperlinks for about 60% less than our competition, providing your campaign the best possible way to engage with targeted voters for way less money.  Your consultant will explain how to best utilize this service.
  • Depending upon the voter’s cell phone plan, service, type of phone, your recording will be delivered along with a transcript of the same message.
  • If the voter’s phone does not transcribe messages, then they will not see you transcription.  Look at your own voice mails to see if your phone transcribes voice messages.
  • In any case, your 45 second recorded message will compel voters with 4 to 6 times more content than any legal text message.
  • Our Polling Partner GMRS has been renowned for excellence and experience fo over 3 decades
  • They will write, field and analyze your poll using both experience live agents and a variety of online technologies
  • GMRS/PSN  also field voter surveys, GOTV, Ballot Initiatives, Patch calls, Ballot Chase, Early Voting and more every day with interviewers in 11 states.
Here are instructions for your voice recordings.
  1. On an iPhone, ask Siri to open the “Voice Memo”
  2. On an Android, there’s a build in app called “Voice Recorder
  4. Makes as many recordings as you want and upload the best one using the form below.
  5. Upload your list or ask us to purchase one according to you exact requirements.
  6. Or send an email to
  7. Make sure the candidates name is in the subject line.
  8. This form must be filled out for all projects using voice recordings.  
Character Counter for your SMS (135 characters) or MMS Text Messages (320 characters)