Why Trust PSN for your Ballot Initiative ? Reason # 1. Reach more targeted voters for less money while working with true professionals

During 2023, there will be hundreds of Ballot Initiatives all competing for Voter Contact, Polling, Data Processing, Voter Registration Lists with phone numbers, Walking and canvassing programs and most importantly the strategic advice and the decades of experience required for winning campaigns. Getting your initiative passed requires an early partnership with the best resources and a proven  record of success!

Most campaigns have to reduce or even eliminate direct voter engagement from their strategies, or rely upon the dozens of pop-up phone banks that appear as by magic who like Uber or Lyft, pay untrained, inexperienced and unsupervised individuals to work from home using an App.  Winning campaigns only use the best resources they can find, and save a ton of money on all their Voter Engagements.  PSN now exclusively offers a two-contact per voter process that cost way less and is more effective than single contacts that most much more.


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Meet Our Team

Our TEAM begins with our most important resources, our hundreds of professional Global Marketing Research Services (GMRS) communicators, trainers, supervisors, monitors, and data professionals who are totally committed to your successful election and our business alliance with EZ Politix who provide our candidates with the best canvassing software available at very competitive pricing.

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Gary Szasz


Senior Campaign Strategist

Gary Szasz has been a respected resource for candidates since 1985 when he was one of the pioneers in developing and managing paid phone banks for VP George HW Bush on his way to election.  Working directly with Lee Atwater, Rich Bond, Public Opinion Strategies, and other political consultants and pollsters, Szasz soon applied new techniques such as targeted ID, advocacy and GOTV to help candidates always be in the know, reach more voters and outflank their competition.  In 2007, he founded Polling Associates which developed and fielded sophisticated modeling surveys for dozens of candidates and ballot initiatives.


Dan Nelson

Fundraising, strategy and logistics

Dan Nelson has ten years of campaign experience including municipal, state assembly, state senate and congressional campaigns.  Areas of expertise include management, media releases, marketing, fundraising, absentee ballot, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operations.  Dan previously served as the Chief of Staff to a Mayor; responsibilities included labor and collective bargaining negotiations, legislative liaison to the Town Council, Economic Development Director, and Public Information Officer for the Office of Emergency Management.


Paul Castaneda

enior Communications Consultant

Paul Castaneda is an expert at interpersonal communications, having spent the better part of 3 decades studying and coaching on how to best express ideas, reach consensus and persuade others to particular viewpoints.

His contributions to PSN candidates have been extraordinary, coaching on one-on-one conversation, group speaking engagements and debate prep.

Our clients report increased self-confidence as well as avoiding the inherent land mines one can often experience on the campaign trail.

Radonda Dobbins


Senior Social Media Consultant/Campaign Services

Radonda Dobbins is a business development consultant with over 20 years experience in client services and program management.  Her degree is in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology.  Prior to working with PSN she worked for the FL Coalition Against Domestic Violence, where she helped shape legislation and policy for victims and their children as well as owned her own businesses. Radonda advises our clients on everything related to their social media and website narratives.  Most important is that she teaches candidates that social media is a double edged sword which can provide huge advantages when used properly.

Make Certain to Vet Several Voter Engagement Resources

Make Certain to Vet Several Voter Engagement resources?
There are only a few that can really address your needs.

Your voter engagement team will be a most valued partner. Ask your PSN advisor to send you the entire list of what you MUST know before trusting any resource.

Everyone hanging out a shingle labeling themselves a “campaign consultant” is basically a services broker providing advice on how a campaign should spend their money. Most “consultants” get paid by their candidate client and also mark up the additional services.

That’s not to say or even imply that this is unfair. Some of these consultants are excellent and their time is worth every dollar your campaign invests but the great majority are start-ups themselves and it’s often difficult to know which you are dealing with.

From a legacy standpoint, the network PSN includes 7 subject matter experts with experience in over 300 campaigns. We offer an entirely free 15 minutes consult that every campaign seeking both services and advice should take the time for.

Our network includes one of the most respected market research resources in America, one with corporate and political experience for nearly 4 decades. Our multi-lingual staff and national presence suggests that we should be the most expensive but since we rarely work through brokers, your campaign literally cuts out the middleman.

PSN does not offer every possible service since many have nothing at all to do with a candidate actually getting elected.

Our 2 contacts is bettie than one process enables your campaign to reach more voters, more persuasivly. Let us explain this to you and your campaign.  We combine this with live calls and live messages to landlines to maximize your voter outreach as the lowest possible cost.  We organize your volunteers to engage with your voters with the most intuitive canvassing software in the business linked to the respected data resources.  This is true “Voter Engagement” at every level.

We utilize and best political data available and provide it at the most reasonable cost. You will know when you ask for a quote.

Robocalls are very cheap but can legally only apply to landlines phone numbers. There are not enough of these in most states to influence an outcome but there should be an option for averaging costs.

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